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Shalom from our Religious School Family!

FVJC’s Religious School is led by a fantastic team of professionals well known to our school and synagogue communities.

Za Flores has a Master’s in School Counseling and over twenty-five years’ experience teaching in religious schools around the country. She has been an outstanding member of FVJC’s religious school faculty for three years. Za will be leading the FVJC-ES Upper School, grades 4-7.

Za will work with Rabbi Bekah, and support from the Education Committee, to implement our outstanding curriculum building your child’s Jewish identity and knowledge in a warm, embracing community.

Our Temple Administrator, Chrisi Bonchick, manages the administrative functions of the Religious School along with general Temple Administration.

Contact Information:

Morah Za Flores and Education Committee Chair, Liddy Doyle: or 860-651-4218.

Administrative questions: Chrisi Bonchick, or 860-658-1075.


Pre-k $375 (Sunday)
Grades K-2 $515 (Sunday)
Grade 3 $575 (includes $60 for siddur) (Sunday)
Grades 4-7 $625 (Sunday & Wednesday)
There is a tuition cap of $1250 per family for grades 1-7 only.

Please note that JT Connect and Confirmation registration are NOT included in this cap.

Please visit your FVJC ShulCloud member portal to register for Religious School:

The JT Connect Program is available to member teens in Grades 8,9,11,12.

Please visit their website for information and registration instructions. 
Confirmation occurs in Grade 10, the tuition for this is $125 (Meets Sundays 9-11:30AM & Wednesdays 4-6PM)

Calendar: 2021-2022


For More Information, please contact

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