Cemetery- Memorial Park

May their memory be a blessing…

Throughout the history of the Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation-Emek Shalom, our belief has been that the synagogue be a haven for all, during the lifecycle of Judaism. This was particularly important since our synagogue is the only synagogue in the Farmington Valley. In 1960 it was the agenda of the founders of the Temple to establish a living organic entity for the Jewish population of the Farmington Valley. In order to completely fulfill this dream, the Temple needed to establish a cemetery so that there would be a place of Jewish burial for its members and their families. A suitable location was needed that was not only a serene spot but also a place where people could go and visit their loved ones that was safe, attractive, dignified and available. The Ensign Bickford Company responded graciously and generously and provided a plot of land they had in Avon overlooking a golf course. It was a beautiful, partially treed, parcel of land that could be consecrated for burial and exude a spirit of holiness, comfort and blessing to families who needed a final resting place for loved ones.

The FVJC Memorial Park has been a living memorial park for the past 22+ years. It has been serving as a final resting place for our members and their loved ones under the careful scrutiny of the rabbi and the cemetery committee. Its hallowed ground and its treasury of monuments and stones which cap those monuments are an ever living sign that many people find there, a sense of comfort and serenity when they enter its grounds. It was always the hope of those who have been involved with the cemetery operation that its presence in the Farmington Valley would bring a sense of peace and calm to all who need it. The presence of this cemetery has accomplished that goal for all who visit there.



50 Mountain View Avenue, Avon, CT  06001

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