Audio Files

Mp3 Files are located below. >These files include recordings of many of the prayers and blessings we commonly read and chant at our Shabbat worship services. Click on the title to listen or download.

Adonai Sfatai:

Adonai Sfatai with guitar (Aronson):  

Ahava Raba: 

Ahavat Olam Mandell with guitar:

Ahavat Olam p.150: 

Ahavat Olam p.150 Sung:

Avot p.244: 

Candle Blessing Shabbat p.120: 

Gevurot Summer p.246:

Gevurot Winter p.246: 

Haftarah Blessing After:

Haftarah Blessing Before: 

Higaleh Nah:

Havdalah DF Blessings p.612: 

Havdalah DF Blessings with guitar p. 612:  


Kedusha for Friday p.170:

Kedusha p.248: 

Kedusha Refrains p.248: 

Ki Lekach Tov and Eitz Chayim p.374:

Kiddish Friday Night p.123:
Kiddush for Shabbat Morning p.604:

L’cha Dodi_All of Me:

Ldor Vador p.350:

Maariv Aravim p148 slower:

Maariv Aravim p148:
Maariv_Aravim_Chatimah p. 148: 
Mah Tovu p.192:


Morning Blessings Endings:

Obligations p.44:

To learn the song for the “Obligations on page 206 (also found on page 44), listen to the classic Klepper melody of Eilu Devarim here:


Torah Blessing After p.368:

Torah Blessing Before p.368:

Yotzer Or p.228: 

To learn a song for Yotzer Or (page 228), listen a Klepper melody here: