Hesed (Loving Kindness)


Hesed Loving kindness

Our mission is to enhance and nurture the spirit of community within our growing congregation by addressing the emotional and/or special needs of all our congregants throughout their individual life cycle events.  Every member is a Hesed Haver and may be called upon to help celebrate, support and/or comfort others in need within our congregation.

Support Network

Our Congregation is creating informal networks for people to lend support, an ear or meet up for a coffee, starting with the topics of bereavement, cancer and raising kids with special needs.

Be a Hesed Haver

Help us grow our community of loving kindness. Hesed Haverim help congregants by visiting those who are ill or homebound, making Shiva calls, attending a Minyan, sending a card, preparing a meal and so much more.  Whatever your talents, we always need more help.

Hesed Vision Statement

Our vision is to inspire and engage all Congregation households to participate in mitzvot of mutual support and loving kindness for the benefit of the entire congregation.

If Someone is Ill or Needs Help

If you or someone you know is ill, recovering from surgery, or homebound and would like a visitor, please let us know so we can help by contacting us.

Contact Rabbi Bekah


Caring Community

The Caring Community provides and organizes meal trains for those who need, supports Shivas in any way the congregant wishes and sends condolences cards to families. If you are in need of any of these services, please contact Barbara.

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