Our Sanctuary

Nestled in a private, wooded area of the property, our Sanctuary provides a peaceful space for prayer, community, and fellowship.

Our Sanctuary reflects our history and the history of the Jewish people. For example, we care for two Holocaust Torahs.

Our Ark design and Torah Mantles were created by renowned artist, Jeanette Kuvin Oren,  she is known for many beautiful works, including the art used for the current USPS Hanukkah Stamp.  Jeanette worked together with our Clergy and Member Committees to bring together the vision which incorporates the values of our Synagogue and the environment in which we exist.

Through the design, and using color from our Sanctuary stained glass, she was able to define through her art that we are dedicated to: being inclusive, to the education of our children, and the preservation for future generations. Love ,Truth, and Spirituality is who we are and some of the many things we hold dear.   All are welcome to join us in this special place. 


You can learn more about artist Jeanette Kuvin Oren, and her creative processes that has enhanced our space and brought our Sanctuary to life by clicking here.

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