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Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation

Emek Shalom!

Our synagogue is more than a building, school or set of programs. FVJC-ES is its membership, pure and simple. Our members come from all over the world, and represent every stream of Jewish thought and practice. But with our membership, we commit ourselves to a journey of discovery, where each of us, in our own way, deepens our connection to Judaism and ties to Israel. Some of us will discover greater Jewish meaning in Torah study; some with new friends in a Meditation Group; some from worship and singing; some through acts of Tikkun Olam. Our congregation supports a wide variety of Jewish creativity — join us and we’ll help you discover your unique path!

FVJC-ES is more than a journey; it’s a destination. The Hebrew term for synagogue is Bet Kneset – Home for Gathering. Some refer to a synagogue as a Bet Midrash – a Home of Study or a Bet Tefillah – a Home for prayer. By forging your own Jewish path with us, we can create a home together that honors all of the meaning and hope in our name.

Join us for Shabbat or an event that interests you to meet the members and the Rabbi. If you’d like more information, we can send you a packet of information including a newsletter, calendar of upcoming events, schedule of services and school brochures.

For more information call us at (860) 658-1075 or email our Membership Committee.


Membership Application:

1) If you are ready to join, please click HERE to submit a member application, please complete this to be considered for membership in our our Community.

Our Membership committee will be in touch with you after your application has been received.


2) If you are interested in learning more prior to completing a membership application, please connect with our Membership Committee to schedule a tour, walk through your questions, and learn more about our inclusive and welcoming Reform community. 

Our Membership committee will be in touch with you shortly after your email has been received.

We look forward to connecting with you! 

FAQ’s – Learn more about us!

How often do you have services?

We have service every Friday nights and on occasional Saturday mornings. Please check calendar for time and dates.  All are welcome!

How many clergy members does FVJC-ES have?

Rabbi Rebekah Goldman is our Spiritual Leader.

What do I get for my membership dues?

Tons! On top of the regular benefits of membership like High Holy Day tickets, access to services featuring guest artists, congregational dinners, special events/programs for all ages, summer camps, and more. Rabbi Bekah, our staff, and members will be there to support you through life’s challenges and joys. Your dues also support our building’s maintenance and upkeep, as well as supporting programs for students and adults. Our members find they get back much more than they pay for.

How do I join FVJC-ES ?

Email our Membership Committee and they will guide you through the process.

What if I can’t afford membership dues?

We have dues reductions available for anyone who needs it.

No one will be turned away due to their inability to pay.

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