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History of Memorial Scrolls Trust and Our Scrolls 
In 1942, Czechoslovakian Jews in an attempt to preserve their In 1942, Czechoslovakian Jews in an attempt to preserve their history and culture from obscurity sent their archives, artifacts,and Torahs to the Central Jewish Museum in Prague. There the items were painstakingly catalogued. Almost all those who worked on the project did not survive the war. The Torahs and other items were lost and forgotten until the 1950s. In 1964, the Czech government sold 1,564 Torah scrolls to the Westminster Synagogue in England which then established the Memorial Scrolls Trust.   FVJC is priviledged to be one of the rare synagogues that has two Holocaust Memorial Scrolls on permanent loan. Scroll #1412, fromOstrava has been on display since 1996. Scroll #752, which we obtained in 1973, is from the Klaus Synagogue in Prague. It has been in use at FVJC for many B’nai Mitzvah and other simchas. It currently needs restoration to make it kosher again.

The 613th Commandment
According to our Rabbis, the final commandment in the According to our Rabbis, the final commandment in the Torah encourages us to see this commandment as an opportunity and obligation for each of us “to write the words,sing the song of Torah and teach it to the Children of Israel”.  Tradition tells us that a person who writes even a single letter in the Torah or causes it to be written fulfills this mitzvah. From Simchat Torah 5778 (October 13, 2017) until Simchat Torah 5779, (October 1, 2018), every family and individual will have the opportunity to fulfill this mitzvah in the restoration of our Torah.  We are planning a series of events that strengthen our knowledge of Torah and ensures that the Holocaust Torah is handled down from generation to generation – L’dor VaDor.

Kick-Off Cocktail Party

Calligraphy Demonstration & Lesson 

Scribing Days (Adults and Children) 

Theater/ Movie Night

Women of the Wall Speaker

Holocaust Torah History Night

Food and the TorahTrope Class (learn to read Torah) 

Children’s Art Projects

Parade of Holocaust Torahs 

Dinner Dance and Gala May 5, 2018

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